CevOss Bovine Bone Graft

Substantially equivalent to BioOss® and NuOss®. Available in 3 sizes. Choose below.

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For an alternative to CevOss, please consider OsseoSeal Bovine Graft.

CevOss bone is made of deproteinized bovine bone and is indicated in bone regeneration. Thanks to its natural origin, it is chemically and structurally comparable to mineralized cancellous human bone (natural nanocrystalline apatite). The highly purified osteoconductive mineral structure is obtained from natural bovine bone through a manufacturing process that guarantees a 96% phase purity in strict compliance with international standards.

  • Substantially equivalent to BioOss ®1 and NuOss ®
  • Sterilized with gamma-radiation at 25kGy. No potential immunological or infectious risks.
  • Easy handling of material allows for precise graft placement. Adapts to the cavity shape.
  • The high volume of interconnected pores promotes new bone formation and growth
  • Porosity of material allows for thorough revascularization
  • Particle structure helps to maintain space
  • Available in .25-1mm particle size Particle Size: 0.5CC, 1.0CC and 5.0cc. Choose below.

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