Neomem Sustained Collagen Membrane

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Neomem, is the standard, sustained function, resorbable collagen membrane. It is made of Type 1 bovine collagen matrix and indicated for use in guided tissue procedures to enhance wound healing. Watch video and review Neomem cases below.

  • Derived from highly purified type I collagen fibres from bovine Achilles tendon.
  • Sustained function. Resorption Time: 26 - 38 weeks (6 - 9 months).
  • Compare to: Cytoplast® RTM*, ACE RCM6
  • Maybe sutured or tacked. Suture pullout strength between 290g and 350g.
  • Cell occlusive - retards epithelium down growth
  • Macromolecular pore size allows nutrient transfer
  • Exceptional clinical performance and easy in situ placement. Place wet or dry.

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