ENDOCEM MTA: Next Generation MTA Material

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Sold in 300mg/1package (Mixing ratio(P/L) = 300mg/0.12cc)

Try the new EndoCem Premix MTA!

ENDOCEM MTA is a revolutionary next generation, fast-setting, MTA (Mineral Trioxide Aggregate) product that is pozzolan-based. ENDOCEM MTA exhibits high efficacy not only in apical retro-filling and root perforations, but also in vital pulp therapies such as direct pulp capping.

  • Fast Setting! (Up to 4 Minutes)
  • Use for: Apical retro-filling, root perforations, and direct pulp capping.
  • Extensive Clinical Data
  • High manipulability (Consistent level of bond strength regardless of external factors)
  • Super sealing properties
  • Strong Antibacterial effect and excellent Biocompatibility
  • Sold in 300mg/1package (Mixing ratio(P/L) = 300mg/0.12cc)

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