DALI Flex Graft

Demineralized cortical allograft size is 10x10x1 .

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The DALI Flex Graft is a 1 mm thick demineralized cortical allograft that when hydrated, becomes flexible and easily adapts to graft sites that would be difficult to treat with particulate or putty grafts. These characteristics make DALI Flex Graft ideally suited for the repair of shallow bone defects or bone loss. Please note that the DALI Flex Graft was previously sold under the brand Pentos Flex.

  • Pliable and adapts easily to graft sites
  • Packaged in sterile saline to allow for faster hydration!
  • Can be used for on lay grafting or to augment thin or missing bone over root form implants
  • Can be fixated with screws
  • Sterilized using low-dose gamma irradiation
  • Shelf-life of 5 years 
  • Available sizes: 10x10mm
  • This product used to be sold under the PentOS O Flex brand. The DALI brand is similar and processed by a different tissue bank.

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