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Autogenous Bone: Most Effective Material?

Last Updated March 13, 2018
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

Autogenous bone grafts have long been considered as the “gold standard” and most effective material in bone regeneration procedures. It was not surprising, therefore, for two recent studies investigating autogenous bone to report positive results. In the first study 1 autogenous bone harvested from the maxillary tuberosity was used to fill a bony defect resulting from implant removal. In the second study 2, a procedure called the Bone Core Technique (using a trephine bur to harvest bone core from the socket), was used for reconstruction of critical-size bony defect.

The conclusions:

At 1 year after placement of the definitive restoration, no implants had been lost, the peri-implant tissues were healthy, the aesthetics scored with the pink esthetic score were favorable, and the patients were satisfied. 1Read More

There was a difference of remodeling between bone cores grafted totally inside or partially outside the bony contours. Bone cores grafted completely inside the bony contours demonstrated no resorption at 3 months postoperative, while bone cores grafted partially outside the bony contours in most cases showed partial resorption of the bone outside the bony contours. After 3 months of healing, all 223 implants had achieved primary healing and osseointegration and were restored after an average time of 4 months. No implant failed during the control period. According to this study, the use of an autogenous bone core harvested during the implant bed preparation is a simple and safe method for the reconstruction of small bone defects.2Read More

Are you using autogenous in your practice? If so, which technique do you use?

1.Immediate Reconstruction of Failed Implants in the Esthetic Zone Using a Flapless Technique and Autogenous Composite Tuberosity Graft.. J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2018 Mar;76(3):528-533. Raghoebar GM et al.
2.The Bone Core Technique for the Augmentation of Limited Bony Defects: Five-Year Prospective Study with a New Minimally Invasive Technique.. Int J Periodontics Restorative Dent. 2018 Mar/Apr;38(2):199-207.Khoury F et al.

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