Bioviva Hemostatic Wound Dressing

Brand:3D Dental
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Packaged in 20 squares per box. 100% biocompatible regenerated cellulose. Designed for management of bleeding.

For an equivalent alternative to Bioviva, please consider Benacel.

Bioviva Dressing, made of 100% biocompatible regenerated cellulose, is a wound dressing designed for management of bleeding. It is ideally suited to control the significant bleeding associated with tooth extractions and other intra-oral procedures in general dentistry and oral surgery. Upon contact with blood or fluid, it rapidly transforms into viscous gel sealing wound voids and promoting clotting 

  • Ideal for extraction sites
  • Individually packaged in 1.9cm X 1.9cm squares. 20 squares per box
  • 100% Natural. Derived from plants.
  • Ready for Immediate Use Out of Package
  • Cut or Fold to Desired Size & Shape

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