Ora-Aid : Attachable IntraOral Wound Dressing

Brand:TBM Corporation
Regular Price: $91.99
Each box contains 20 of the 25 x 15 mm Ora-Aid patches. Cut, peel, and paste to protect!
Ora-Aid is an intra-oral non-eugenol dressing for protecting oral wounds, and represents a phenomenal innovation in oral wound management and care. Ora-Aid is comprised of 2 layers: an oral mucosa adhesive side and a protection side. When exposed to moisture, the adhesive side changes into a gel state to achieve adhesion to the wound area. The protection side consists of a water insoluble polymer which covers the wound to protect the applicable area from the environment in the oral cavity. Please watch our videos below and read the questions for additional detail on Ora-Aid
  • Proven technology with years of use in Europe and Asia.
  • Protects intraoral wounds from food, bacteria and other foreign substances.
  • Protects suture threads from tongue irritation
  • Protects bone graft materials and membranes
  • Reduces pain and sensitivity
  • Prevents damage to the site during initial healing period
  • Easy to cut and shape
  • Rapid healing effects by protecting the healing growth factors in exudate
  • No working time limitation or mixing required!
  • Superior esthetics! Dressing is transparent!

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