Cerasorb M B-TCP Bone Graft

Cerasorb is sold in packs of 5 vials. Available in 0.5cc, 1.0cc, 2.0cc and in various micron sizes. Choose the options below.

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Cerasorb M is a pure phase B-TCP, beta-tricalcium phosphate bone graft, that produces bone quality comparable to a patients’ harvested bone.

  • Synthetic Graft Gold Standard with > 99% phase purity
  • > 99% Resorption turning over to quality vital bone within 4-12 months.
  • Unique Porosity: ~ 65% porosity
  • Osteoconductive producing an Optimal microenvironment for osteoblast adhesion
  • Available in several granule sizes. Sold as 1 Vial or Packs of 5 Vials per order.

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