Disposable Irrigation Tubing Set for Implant Motors: 10 Sets per Pack

Each pack of tubing contains 10 sets, and each set is single use. Simply choose your motor below to get the matching tubing set for your system. Not sure which tubing to order? Refer to the Motor Reference List in the full details below.

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Effective irrigation during the creation of the implant site is essential for the success of the procedure. These disposable irrigation tubing sets (sold 10 sets per pack) were developed for the majority of Implant Motors (Physiodispensers) available on the market. 

Each Disposable Set (10 Sets per Pack) Includes:

  • Perforator with air filter Roller to adjust the flow 
  • Integrated peristaltic pump section enables accurate flow and long duration of usage
  • Total length of the line, from peristaltic pump to handpiece, 230 cm.
  • End tip in soft PVC facilitates the connection to the hand piece.
  • Double Internal and External irrigation with Y joint
  • Each set for mechanical irrigation is packed in a sterile medical blister.
  • Roller to effectively regulate or stop the flow of solution.
  • A connector aim to prevent all possible leakage.
  • A tap (Only for REF. 32.F0139) to regulate liquid flow and ensure optimal control.

Each pack contains 10 sets and each set is single use.

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