Monoglyc PGCL Suture

24 Sutures per pack!

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Monoglyc PGCL Suture is a highly pliable monofilament suture, that also absorbs predictably. With the smooth monofilament surface structures, it handles and ties easily, and is virtually inert in tissue. Basically, PGCL sutures behave like PTFE sutures, but do not need to be removed!

  • Prevents bacterial wicking
  • 24 Sutures per pack of Monogylc PGCL Suture!
  • Fully Absorbable in approximately 90 Days
  • Compares to Monocryl
  • Sharp & high quality premium needle allow for atraumatic passage through tissue.
  • Ideal suture for Choukroun's Apical Mattress Suture Technique
  • High tear resistance and reliable knot security
  • Maintain 50% tensile strength for 14-28 days
  • Dyed violet
  • Available in 4-0, or 5-0. 45cm. 18mm/3/8 reverse-cutting needle

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