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All-On-4: Effect of Tilting Angles

Last Updated February 06, 2018
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

How do different tilting angulations of implants effect stress values? A recent study 1, evaluated the effect of implant inclination and cantilever length on the stress distribution in mandibular cortical bone, implant, abutment, prosthetic framework, and prosthetic screw via three-dimensional (3D) finite element analysis (FEA). Four different finite element models were designed according to the tilting angle of the posterior implant and angle of multiunit abutments.
The conclusion:

Biomechanical comparison via 3D FEA revealed that decreasing the cantilever length by tilting the posterior implants resulted in a reduction in stress values in the peri-implant bone, abutment, prosthetic screw, and metal framework. The groups with 30- and 45-degree tilted posterior implants and shorter cantilever lengths showed better stress distributions in comparison to the straight and 17-degree tilted groups.1Read More

1.Biomechanical Comparison of Different Implant Inclinations and Cantilever Lengths in All-on-4 Treatment Concept by Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis. Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants. 2018 Jan/Feb;33(1):64-71. Ozan O, Kurtulmus-Yilmaz S.

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