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Which is the Culprit: Natural Tooth or Implant?

Last Updated July 02, 2020
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

I’m a 30-year old female patient with no remarkable health history, apart from some livelong food allergies, hay fever and other heavy pseudoallergies (food additives and food dyes). I experienced excruciating atypical facial pain when third molars erupted. This caused severe pain, but I never got other than over-the-counter pain relief for this. At times, I use to clench my jaws during daytime (I don’t grind my teeth because I usually have my mouth slightly openend). I apply good dental hygiene at home, like flossing and brushing three times a day.

The first upper molar was extracted some years prior in a foreign European country. It had died, with a root infection at the apex, but I never experienced any pain. A titanium implant was placed at site 16 (Camlog). Sinus lift was carried out by a former dentist (I have to move a lot for work). I remember the same horrid atypical facial pain after the sinus lift, wich took a day or two to subside.The dentist who placed the implant said I had sufficient amount of bone for the implant to be placed. One stage surgery was performed and immediately afterwards a healing cap was placed on top of the implant. Oh, and Bio-oss was used to close the bony gap after implant placement. No provisional. I haven’t chewed on that side for 8 months, until the implant was restored. Uneventfull healing for as far as I am concerned.

The second premolar has an excisting root canal. I have not been able to chew properly with this tooth for years. I had multiple x-rays of 15 taken. The pain can not be provoked by percussion on 15. Gingiva looks healthy, no bleeding upon probing. Biting on articulating paper reveals that biting forces in 15-region posterior maxilla are stronger compared to the opposite posterior maxilla. So when I’m in the dental chair, nothing can be found. Dentist sugested to place a regular crown on 15 along with installing the implant crown on 16, to see if symptoms on 15 would subside.

Now I’m experiencing persistent pain in 15 /16 region. Installing the dental crown and the implant crown did not hurt. Afterwards it did and it felt incredibly tight. All my upper teeth, up to the anterior maxilla, hurt. Both me and dentist are unable to determine whether the pain is coming from the implant or from the adjacent 15. I have a referal letter for a surgeon at the hospital, to have a look a maybe an apicoectomy on 15. Please take a look at the x-ray I provided, and any suggestions would be appreciated.

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