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Acute infection just before final fit of prosthesis on multiple implants: how aggresively should I treat?

Last Updated June 06, 2019
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

I have a 69 year old female patient in good health. She is a non-smoker. She came to see me due to failure of her implanted supported fixed prothesis. She had 5 Astra 3.0 implants placed over 5 years ago and all appeared healthy and osseointegrated. However the design of the fixed bridge was poor with uneven contacts and subsequent fractured screws. Implants had been placed in #6,7,10,11,13 sites [maxillary right canine, lateral incisor and maxillary left lateral incisor, canine and second premolar; 13, 12, 22, 23, 25]. I have gone through all the stages of making a hybrid bar overdenture and 2 days before final fit she presented with severe swelling and pus draining from the implant in #11 site. The implant itself still appears to be solid but there is an obvious buccal defect. I have curretted the area, irrigated, used topical and sytemic antibiotics and will be reviewing her in a week. My dilemma is what should I do next? If this implant fails I can still use the overdenture on the other 4 remaining implants. However if the infection spreads to the adjacent implant, she could lose the potential to use the overdenture.Given the risk should I be more proactive in treating the infection? My plan is to attach the uniabutments and bar at the next visit and monitor. I am worried this may not be an aggresive enough approach. Any thoughts?

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PA at time of presentation with acute infection draining from most mesial implantPA at time of presentation with acute infection draining from most mesial implant
bar of overdenture on 5 Uni abutments ready to fitbar of overdenture on 5 Uni abutments ready to fit

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