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Advanced local bone loss around abutment tooth: opinions?

Last Updated January 13, 2020
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

This patient presented to my office about a month ago for an unrelated problem. After taking care of that, he came in for a routine exam with an FMX. Other than some minor operative work to replace some leaky margins on older fillings, the patient has no other issues. Perio is fine and stable and no evidence of bone loss or prior perio is evident outside of this one area. Patient has had a good amount of dental work done in the past as can be seen from the FMX below. I believe the prognosis for #12 is clearly hopeless and I have treatment planned accordingly. However, I’d like to know peoples’ opinions on what most likely caused this? The pattern of bone loss is what is puzzling to me as is the island of bone that can be seen on the mesial aspect. This small clue leads me to believe the bone loss is endodontic in nature. What say you?

FMX taken on 12/9/2014FMX taken on 12/9/2014
PA of #12 taken on 12/9/2014PA of #12 taken on 12/9/2014

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