Bicon Crowns: Advice for starting out with short implants?

I started placing implants a year ago. Placed 12 Bicon implants. I found Bicon forgiving and are very practical due to the short sizes.

One thing concerns me, however, their crowns are not screw nor cement retained . They are tapered lock and they are tapped into the well. Last year one of the crowns fell off the Bicon implant three times. This does not put me off. Because it might be my fault not tapping down all the way. Can any provide some advice on this situation? Any hands-on courses to recommend? Comments on other companies make short implants?

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  1. Phil Mendelovitz says:

    its not the implant failing .
    You need to ensure that the abutment surface and inside of implant are clean
    They sell special Q tips that fit or clean it with alcohol prior to inserting the abutment.
    Be sure to check occlusion for lateral interferences that cause a rotational force and eliminate them.

  2. David says:

    Bicon implants that come out sometimes have too much bone around the top of the implant that will prevent the abuttment (and crown with it) from seating properly. You may be able to feel this by placing the implant by hand. If this is the case, the implant will be retrievable by hand even after tapping. Only solution is to expose the implant, use a guide pin and clear the bone with the proper sized sulcus former.

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