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Alloderm #19 Implant Final Before and After Photos: advice?

Last Updated July 19, 2018
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

A new patient came to my office with previously placed #19 and needed uncovering and restoration. On examination lack of keratinized tissue was noted. I received some great advice here on how to proceed in using Alloderm (human acellular dermis). It was not difficult to work with and I was pleased with the results. I would never have any interest in using it for traditional periodontal surgery for recession, but I will incorporate it when needed in implant cases with deficient soft tissue.

The Alloderm was sutured in place in the traditional manner by suturing to patients tissue and I also used a tissue punch to place a hole so I could place the healing abutment over it. Please feel free to critique and offer any advice on how I can improve future cases and outcomes for my patients. Thanks.

> Note: Alloderm is a type of human acellular dermis, used for soft tissue applications. It supports tissue regeneration by allowing rapid revascularization, white cell migration and cell population. Matrix IQ another aceullar dermis, has an additional benefit of having No “Basement Membrane”, allowing it to be placed on either side.

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