Best Surface Coatings for Immediate Implant Placement?

Last Updated December 20, 2010

Dr. B. asks:

It is my understanding that the surface coating of the implant fixture exerts an effect on the speed and quality of the osseointegration process. I do a fair number of extractions followed by immediate implant placement. What are the implants with the surface coatings that most effectively achieve early osseointegration? Osseospeed surface treatment [Astra, fluoride modified surface]; OSSEOTITE [Bomet 3i, acid etched surface]; BioTite [DIO, RBM plus brushite coating]; SLA [Straumann ITI, sandblasting with carborundum particles followed by acid etching]; grit-blasted and acid etched [Xive]; TiUnite [Nobel Biocare, titanium oxide crystalline layer enriched with phosphate]; and so on? I would appreciate recommendations from the readers on these various surface coatings and which have been most successful for them in this regard. Thanks.

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