Bleeding from Dental Implants

Sara, a dental implant patient from Texas, asks us:

My dental implant is about 9yrs old. Lately I’ve been having some bleeding around the back of the dental implant.

My dentist has sinced moved, so my question is why is it bleeding? I’m a flosser 3 to 4 times a day and brush my teeth the same way I did before I got the dental implant. I try to keep the area clean and healthly, so what could it be? Thanks for any information.

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3 thoughts on “Bleeding from Dental Implants

  1. Schedule an appointment with a periodontist that routinely works with implants for and evaluation ASAP. Also, a) is the crown loose at all? can you wiggle it? b)are you in no Maintenance (cleaning/checkups) program?

  2. I recommend you renew the should check the occlusion and must find the clearance is loss,so you should remove the crown and renew it.

  3. First, the only dentist you should see first is one that is familiar with you. Perhaps he/she is the one that originally did the work on the implants. If not then find a reputable dentist.

    You general dentist is out for your best interest and well-being. If not, you need to find a new dentist, plain and simple. Your dentist will diagnose the problem. If the problem is perplexing and diagnosis is elusive, a specialist may come into the picture. Your dentist, depending on their experience, may also refer you to see a specialist to manage and treat the problem.

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