Bonding Agents for Old Composite Restorations?

Anon. asks:
Do you use a different bonding agent for repairing or adding to an old composite restoration? I have just used whatever bonding agent I am currently using for doing new composite restorations. I saw an advertisement for Add & Bond (Parkell) in the Parkell Newsletter. It is supposed to create a very strong bond to pre-existing composite restorations. What is everybody doing out there when it comes to add to old composite restorations? What bonding agents do you use? Do you air abrade?

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I abrade with a bur or air abrader, then activate the surface with composite activator by bisco(this is a methacrylate surfactant) then the regular bonding agent. this will give you perfect adhesion for your new composite... Now the question is why would you want to bond to an old one, I only do this when I placed the first one. best of luck
Dr Lam
doctorberg makes me laugh - "I only do this when I placed the first one". What's the scientific rationale for that then? Perhaps everyone else's composites are crap and only his/hers are any good. You can't possibly justify that comment and then ask Anon why he/she would even consider bonding to old composite.

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