Bone Loss Case: Defect 5 Weeks After Placing Single Piece 3mm UNO Implant


Dr. H asks:
Please see xrays below. I am a novice at implants… placed in the single digits. This is a 3mm UNO implant. I know the space was tight, but I went for it. Osteotomy was to 2mm then I compressed to 3mm, since bone seemed soft day of surgery. This xray is 5 weeks post op. For those curious, he has no endo symptoms on adjacent teeth and is otherwise asymptomatic. I believe what has happened here is a lack of vascularity due to the compression during implant placement on the distal. I now have a vertical defect on only the distal, but I am concerned since it is only 5 weeks out. Any advice on how to proceed? Wait and watch? Flap and treat? Thanks.