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Bone Loss Around Implant: Another Case

Last Updated February 12, 2018
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

There was a case posted some time ago with marginal bone loss around the implant. Some said the bone loss was due to the Legacy 3 abutment-implant connection. Others thought it was due to surgical errors, mainly placing an implant with inadequate buccal bone. Some even suggested the grafting material was the issue.

Here is a case with Legacy 3 implant, done in 2014, with 3.5 years loading. I have no connection with Implant Direct and I also use other brands, like Nobel Biocare, Zimmer and BioHorizon and their abutments.

In this case, the tooth was extracted, an allograft was placed in the socket and the implant was placed 5 months later. The marginal bone level is not so bad, with no loss since implant placement. Could the case have been done better? Maybe. The implant here is a Legacy 3 and it is stable. So is the Legacy 3 abutment-implant connection bad? No. Is allograft a bad material? No. Can we do this case with other material? Yes. But, the current results are quite good.

Showing a case that has not worked out well is difficult and takes courage. If there is adequate documentation and radiographs, we can study the case, look for answers and we can all benefit.I hope this little case helps a bit.

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