Can Dental Implants Cause Migraine Headaches?

Last Updated November 24, 2008

Delilah, a dental implant patient, asks:
Can dental implants in the upper jaw cause migraine headaches? After having four dental implants inserted in the upper jaw I started having migraine headaches within two months. The first sign of a problem would be pressure in my head, then throbbing around the implant then the migraines–classic migraines.

My neurologist did extensive testing to see if there was a neurological problem caused directly by the dental implants. None were found. The dental surgeon said the implants didn’t cause the headache.

In my medical history it is important to note that I never had migraines or suffered from headaches before surgery. After the troublesome implant was removed — the migraines would slowly subside within a month. Several months later another implant would act up, be removed after great consideration and the migraines would stop. Within the past two and a half years four upper implants were removed. My general dentist and dental surgeon say they have not heard of migraines related to dental implants and have not been able to find any reports of this in the dental literature.

I now wear a full upper denture. The last upper implant was removed two months ago. The severe migraines have subsided but I now have low-grade headaches which the surgeon says is due to a TMJ problem and my internist wonders if it a rebound headache. The four implants in the lower jaw haven’t been problematic. Other than high cholesterol and acid reflux ( one year), both being treated by medication, I am a fairly active 63-year- old. I am also allergic to nickel. But I was assured the implant do not have not nickel in them.

Any insight would be helpful to me and the team involved. Thanks very much.

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