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Can I perform lateral sinus lift for this case?

Last Updated November 08, 2019
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I have a 55 year old male, heavy smoker who had #3 [maxillary right first molar; 16] 2.5 years ago because of periodontal disease. He had a treatment plan to place 1 implant together with lateral sinus lift and bone graft. At that time, the CBVT showed the maxillary sinus with sinusitis with the sinus membrane thickness about 11mm. He took antibiotics during 2 weeks before the operation day to control the sinusitis. However, he didn’t come back the clinic to have implant surgery. Today, 2 years later, he comes back and asks for implant placement again. I take a new CBVT to check the sinus and the result is nearly the same as 2 years ago. The sinus membrane is very thick, about 11mm and he is still a heavy smoker. He has no symptoms of sinusitis. His general health is good and oral hygiene is not bad. In my opinion, this is a chronic sinusitis maybe because of smoking. I have no experience with doing at lateral sinus lift, especially with sinusitis like this case. Should I attempt to control the sinusitis with antibiotics? Which antibiotic would you recommend? In the past I have tried Augmentin 1 gram 2 tabs per day. Should I try an anti-inflammatory like Medrol 16mg per day for 1 week? Is this a case for a beginner?

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