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Connecting crown over implant abutment via precision connector?

Last Updated June 14, 2017
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

(Editor Note: For a fixed dental prosthesis, there are two options for connecting teeth – rigid and non-rigid connectors. Rigid connectors are cast, milled or soldered joints. Non-rigid-connectors utilize precision and semi-precision attachments like tube-in-rod or dovetails.)

Should one consider connecting a crown over an implant abutment to a natural tooth via a precision (dovetail) connector?

Obviously, we all have the understanding that a natural tooth should not be connected with a restored implant. The question arises from a desperate need to find a solution in a case that would benefit from splinting.

If you consider to comment, please ignore the details. My main aim is to hear opinions on a general approach of the potential connection between implants and natural teeth. Is there an absolute consensus that there should never be a solid connection or is there a potential possibility for an engineered connection taking into consideration all biologic factors?

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