Contraindication for fluoride toothpaste for implant-supported dentures?

I have a number of my patients in maintenance phase following implant rehabilitation (Titanium bars for implant-supported dentures). I was told that fluoride products produce corrosion of titanium surfaces. Is this true? If so, should I be telling these patients to avoid using toothpastes and mouthwashes that contain fluoride? I am also concerned about the abrasive qualities of some toothpastes. What products should I recommend to these patients for home oral hygiene care?

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That's a new one on me never heard of it.
Dr. Charles Sutera III
For edentulous patients with implant supported dentures, my typical homecare recommendation is to dip a soft toothbrush into chlorhexidine 0.12% BID and brush around the fixtures lightly. If the implants are splinted with a bar I also recommend Superfloss underneath the bar. Since the fixtures cannot decay there is really no advantage to using toothpaste that I have found, and the chlorhexidine keeps the periodontium in better health. Your question is a novel topic. I have heard of a study suggesting that fluoride "modifies" the surface of the implant. However, it is generally regarded that there is no absolute contraindication of fluoride with dental implants at this time. For patients with a combination of natural teeth and implants, the benefits of the fluoride on the natural teeth outweighs any known risks on the implants in my opinion.
mwjohnson dds, ms
You have heard correctly. The packaging for Durelon cement, a polycarboxylate cement that contains flouride recommends against cementing implant crowns with it since the flouride can potentially "corrode" the titanium. I personally have never seen that happen but it is in this insert. I agree with all the above mentioned hygiene protocols when bars are used. It seems the tissues like to hypertrophy under bars, most likely due to the vacuum like effect under an overdenture and I haven't completely figured out how to totally eliminate it. any thoughts?
Richard Hughes, DDS, FAAI
I calles the manufacturer of Durelon about this issue over a year ago. It is a non issue about corrosion. Actually zinc phosphate is a better cement for implant pros.

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