Cost of Dental Implants

Jannete, a patient from Texas, asks us:

I’m 33 year old female with a top denture and teeth on the bottom that need to be removed. I would like to get dental implants but I am worried about the cost, as my insurance company will not pay for them.

I would love to be able to smile again!!! I´ve been depressed for years because of my smile. Are there any types of payment plans for dental implants? Is there any non-profit that will help someone like me get dental implants? What about manufacturers? Do they accept patients like myself into trials or tests for dental implants? How else could I do to lower my expenses for dental implants? Thanks very much for any help.

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  1. Jeremy says:

    Hi Jannette,

    First of all, it’s great that you’re considering dental implants. I’m sure your dentist will be able to explain all the tremendous benefits of implants over conventional dentures. But one of the biggest benefits -especially at your young age – is that implants will help support the bone in your jaw so it won’t ‘melt’ away and change the shape of your face.

    Yes it can be expensive, but you have to think of the long term impact on your health and happiness. Remember, without a good set of teeth, you’re probably not going to eat very healthy food.

    As for financing, there are companies such as Capital One: and CareCredit that offer financing for dental procedures. It’s unlikely that an implant company would donate implants, but it may be worth inquiring at some dental schools to see if they’re doing any studies — you may be able to get free or very inexpensive treatment.

    Also, consider this. For your lower jaw, you don’t need to get the “Cadillac” treatment right away. You could opt to get as few as two implants that will support an overdenture. Over time you can add to this: 4 then 6, etc.

    For more information, try — there’s lots of information there.

    Good luck!

  2. TW says:

    Here are the options I know are available to you for dental implant treatment at reduced rate:

    1. Dental schools may do it for a discounted fee compared to private dentists, and sometimes they may give more discounts to patients who are in unusual situiations.

    2. Manufacturers, through dental schools, would donate the materials for your treatment. You still have to pay the rest of the fees.

    3. Implant organizations have grants for needy patients. Again, you would go through your dentist or a dental school. I don’t know of a single dentist that would do it, as the grants don’t usually cover everything.

    Then lastly, there is a credit arrangement by the name of CareCredit.

  3. Albert Hall says:

    Jannete, with respect I ask you to take our profession seriously.Your Oral Health condition should have the same treatament like your hearth,lungs,eyes…..
    There are many ways to pay, take out your credit card for that.

  4. satish joshi says:

    call NYU dept of periodontia and implantology.
    they have very reasonable subsidized fees.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone have any views about going to Hungary to get dental implants done? Holiday + implants + save money = can’t be bad – or can it?

  6. Dr. Tataru says:

    Another good destination for state of the art, but much cheaper treatment is Romania. Here you can have US-made BioHorizons implants placed for $500 each, including the prosthetic abutment.

  7. Bob says:

    I’m a 76 year young L2 paraplegic Veteran that needs a lot of help for dental implants that will cost around $ 9,000.00. I can’t handle that expense, but my health is failing because of too many carbohydrates. I have no teeth at all due to decay problems associated with my 3 back surgeries. Any one interested in helping out.Bob

  8. Javier Cremayer says:

    Jannete, you can also look to México where the fees are more cheaper and is close to your country. Take a look in the web, there is a directory of dentist in México. Javier

  9. patricia says:

    Hi,I am a 54 year old female.I only have 5 teeth left.I was in a head-on car accident 21/2 years ago.I was a Realtor going to an appointment when the accident happened.I was in a coma for 3 months,I had broken legs,arm,shoulders etc.I did not have any help with cleaning my teeth,I lost all of them except for the 5 teeth I have left.I want and need implants.I have tried dental schools,however they still want money which I do not have now.I used to make over $10,000 a month,now I am on Social Security and I recieve $1,100 a month.I cannot even afford groceries,I do not have a car and I am single.I have not eaten anything solid for 2 years,and I have not and will not smile.The accident was not my fault,the person that caused it left immediately.I would love to go back to work again,I still have lots of pain but lately I have been sick from the infection from the last two teeth I lost.I am supposed to get some money from my insurance company because I had uninsured motorist coverage but it has been 2 years now and I am still waiting.I would love to pay for implants and I would if I had the money right now but I do not.I know I need implants soon because I will lose bone and face structure.Is there someone out there that could or would help me?If there is,are you a dentist?If you know of any help,or a dentist that will work with me until I can go back to work or get the money from my insurance company please e-mail me at I live in Virginia but I will go anywhere that I can get a home,car and a job that I can do.Thank-you

  10. lena quigley says:

    hi,my name is lena. I am looking fof imformation about grants avalible for implants. I have a 17 year old who was born without 19 of her permanant teeth, she has a denture for her top teeth and has almost all baby teeth on yhe bottom. the problem is that her gums are receading as well as her teeth. they will eventually have to be pulled. I love her so much and wish she didin’t have to suffer the pain and imbarassment that she has. if anyone has any information please let me know asap. thank you,
    lena Quigley

  11. Jennifer says:

    ALBERT HAIL –With All Due Respect… I believe Jannete was/is taking “your” proffession very seriously. Contrary to your belief, not all of us have credit cards we can whip out and put ten to twenty grand on. However the inability to properly eat, smile, socialize is almost crippling. Do you think my grade school age children want me to show up at their school with no teeth?? I think not. After my last daughter, I had an OB, you know, a doctor, much like yourself. that kept putting off my excess bleeding and sleepiness as a worried mother. I already had children, and knew in my heart differently. To make a long story short — He left placenta inside me and a month after having my third child I nearly hemmoraged to death.(no, I could not sue, as there is no way an OB can be “sure” he/she got all of the after birth, and even still, typically it will just pass on its own, but I was not typical)– I became severely aniemic and lost all my teeth…. either from just breaking, or rotting to the point of no return. —Lastly, For lungs, hearts ect thier are hospitals that can not refuse you, and free medical clinics…and I know those are bare minimum care, but atleast the exist. Implants are considered “cosmetic” …Yet all we want to do is what most people take for granted, eat and smile.
    –Many thanks to all who mentioned ways to lessen the cost of implants. If anyone knows of any more (in the CT area?).. PLEASE.. keep posting!! –J

  12. Ken Clifford, DDS says:

    For many many years folks have been solving long term problems like this with DENTURES. I know you want implants, but for crying out loud, you can’t afford them, just like I can’t afford a Ferrari. My advice is to just get rid of the infections in your mouth by having the teeth removed, get quality dentures built, then you can at least smile again and be healthy while you try to better your situation in life so you can AFFORD implants. Don’t worry, the bone won’t just resorb in a month! It will heal, you will feel better, and when you can, place four mini implants in the lower arch to stabilize your new denture. By the way Medical (in California) and Medicaid will cover the cost of the extractions and dentures in most cases. If all you have is Medicare, call your state aid office to see if you qualify for Medicaid assistance, because Medicare does not provide any dental services. I hope this does not come off as an arrogant comment from a “rich” dentist, but in America we have to earn our way to prosperity. Good luck.


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