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Dental Implant Becomes Mobile after removing temp crown: options?

Last Updated February 10, 2019
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

I installed an implant in #19 site [mandibular right first molar; 36] and left it for 3 monts for complete osseointegration to occur. No pathosis was visible clinically or radiographically. The implant appeared to be completely osseointegrated. I then inserted the abutment and a temporary crown. When I removed the temporary crown using crown remover foreceps, the implant became mobile. I detorqued the abutment and placed a cover screw over the implant. What should I do now? How long should I wait before I remove the cover screw and torque down the abutment and replace the temporary crown? Does this implant need more time to osseointegrate? Is there a way for me to test the success of the osteointegration?

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