Dental Implant Complications


Maria, a patient, asks us:

I had dental implant surgery on Wednesday of this week. Teeth 9/10, 9 was missing and 10 was removed. I got very swollen on Wednesday night and Thursday.

Now, I have discomfort right under my front tooth. I wore a dental flipper the first night as told. My
lip still feels stiff in this area. Number 9 had a bone graft.

Is this normal? My periodontist who did the work only works at my dental office on Wednesday’s. This Wednesday I get the stitches out. I also feel the discomfort whenever I eat and I’ve been eating soft foods that don’t require much chewing. Is this discomfort normal? I can’t raise the lip much in this area yet. Wondering if all this is part of the pain and discomfort with grafting and implants at the same time. If anyone can share their thoughts with dental implants and the pain and stiffness that
goes with it, I’d appreciate it alot. Thank you for any help you can provide.