Dental Implant Costs

Eric, a prospective dental implant patient, asks us: I live in New York City. What is the
typical/average cost of a complete dental implant procedure (implant and
crown) for one tooth in my location?

I was recently given an estimate of
$3200 for the implant and bone graft plus $3000 for the crown. It will
be done on my front tooth. Thank you.

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  1. Spiro Condos says:

    That’s a little high. Of course, it’s better to pay more and get the job done properly than to save money and be sorry for years. I’ve been in Manhattan teaching implant surgery and prosthetics (crowns) for 15 years at NYU and my fees are less than that, but that doesn’t mean you’re being overcharged. Just go with a dentist you feel comfortable with.

  2. Frederick M. Lifshey DDS OMFS says:

    I’m an oral surgeon in NYC. Avg. fees for implants in NYC are probably about the $1500- $2500 range – there are so many types of ‘bone grafts’ so its hard to judge the fees of that procedure. Implant crowns from the prosthodontists (specialists in crowns) that I work with charge $2500 (avg.) per crown, including the post or abutment.
    Hope this helps.

  3. Jerry Niznick says:

    While your charges for the surgery @ $2200 and the crown @ $1500 are about what specialists charge in LA, how do you justify an extra $600 for the abutment? A stock abutment can cost anywhere from $125 to $200 depending on which system you are using, and a custom abutment created by CAD or by cast gold can cost $250-$300. Would you still charge for the abutment if you used a one-piece implant and did not need to buy the abutment? If you could get your abutments for $75, would you eliminate the $600 charge for the abutment? While you are doing the surgery and making money on that end, I think that the GPs who do not get the surgical fee and are faced with $300 custom abutment charges from their lab or from Atlantis, will have a hard time adding that on to their crown fee and will find they make more money doing 3-unit bridges than a single tooth implant, although it is not as good a service. The answer is lower priced abutments or better yet, have the surgeon buy the abutment as a sign of his appreciation for the referral. If the surgeons bought and then attached the abutments for the GP in the non-esthetic zone, they would expand their practices. This is a marketing strategy used by the more successful surgical specialists.

  4. Anonymous says:

    As a Periodontist I place abutments for several referrals although, I do have several that prefer to do that phase of treatment. Additionally, some of the cost listed by Dr. Niznik do not hold in New York. I have seen lab bills with cost of $400.00 to $500.00 per custom abutment. I would definitely advise using either a prefabricated or CAD custom abutment at the reduced cost. You can also save by purchasing your abutments directly from the manufacturer seeing as labs add upwards of 25% to the cost. I can not comment on the osseous grafting seeing as there is not enough information available. I will say that many of these procedures, especially within the esthetic zone can be difficult and time consumimg. Significant cost can also be associated with the required materials. Bottom line, this is a wonderful treatment option although, by no means the cheapest way to go, especially if you want it done right. You also have to stand behind your work and not lose your shirt.

  5. Dr. satish Joshi says:

    Dear Eric
    I teach in implant department in prestigious institution and am experienced in implant surgery as well as restoration of it.
    I do not like to qoute fees without seeing patient but can assure you,they are less then you were qouted.
    My office is in Brooklyn NY
    Tel no 718 856 8124

  6. Dr Pedro Peña says:

    1ooo € implant placement plus 900€ for the crown with thw best materials (Nobelbiocare implants and Procera ceramic post and crown)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Dr. Nisnick is wrong again….

    To place an implant in SC is 1400-2000+

    A seperate ADA CODE for the ABUTMENT fee runs 400-700 to cover the lab fee (hello, it costs 300 for lab, you need to charge 3X to recover your chairside costs for all procedures)…

    Crown fees in SC 700-1200…

    We quote $3500 for a “simple” implant replacement…i.e. implant, abutment, crown…..bone grafts are extra…..

  8. Anonymous says:

    Why did the bantering between Dr. Niznick and Dr. Dan Shaperio stop? This has been the best reading on the subject of implants on this blog. Please guys, lets have some more!

  9. Anonymous says:

    The 3X your costs rule is idiotic. Talk to your accountant or buy a book and learn about your required Return on Investment (ROI and start pricing services accordingly. By understanding the value of the time available in your practice to provide that required return you can establish pricing that reflects not only the costs of deliviring a service but the amount of time it takes to delivery the service. If you have a sales person advising you to charge 3X your costs on a product they are selling you, ask what business school he attended and make sure your children don’t attend that instution. You could be working for less than the minimum wage on certain procedures and not even know it.

  10. ahuangdds says:

    I’m a GP placing implant in DFW area. My patient are reporting paying $2500-$6500 for implant surgery and bone graft. I’ll place an implant with bone graft and restore an implant for about $5000 and up. The material and lab cost of implant are expensive, and the time require are even more when you perform any quality treatment. So how can anyone charge less than $5000?

  11. Dr.David Jankelevich D.D.S says:

    As a prosthodontist here in Santiago,Chile we placed implants LifeCore with a cost of US$600 surgical stage and more or less US$1.000 1500 prosthetic stage,depends of the tipe of abutment you used.

  12. Jerry Niznick says:

    Here is the way to save custom abutment and lab costs on dental implants…Order the abutment online at for either Zimmer Screw-Vent, Nobel Replace, BioHorizons Protegy implants (I will eventually make Astra and 3i abutments). An angled abutment with a contoured margin cost $207 from Nobel, $185 from Astra and $165 from Zimmer. This is in comparison to $85 online. All our titanium abutments for cemented restorations cost you $85 (gold is $95)whether it is straight with snap-on Transfers, straight or angled contoured abutments.
    For added savings, attach the abutments yourself, chairside and make an impression. If it is the straight abutment with a snap-on transfer (included), buy the appropriate abutment analog, which comes with a casting coping for $35, and send that to the lab with your impression. If it is one of the abutments with a contoured margin, after doing any additional preparation, make a conventional impression and send that to the lab. They can’t charge you more for an implant case if all they are doing is trimming a stone die of the abutment.
    An even better way to save money on abutments if you are working in a team with a surgeon, is to refer to a surgeon who will buy the abutments for you. I am setting up an online case charting system that will facilitate the communications between team members and allow surgeons to pre-pay for abutments so that the restorative dentist can come on to the patient specific page, see what platform the surgeon has used, click on it and see the abutment options, select what he wants, order it and have the bill paid by the surgeon. I call this the RAP program…for Referral Appreciation Program.
    And for those of you both placing and restoring implants, there are significant savings to be had by buying implants that include an abutment, or a fixture mount that can be modified into an abutment, or a one-piece implant with an abutment head.

  13. Mr. Mueller says:

    Hi, I’m from Germany but living here in Washington DC now. I just researched this subject because I need to have an implant done. In Germany – the total procedure including implant, zirconium abutment and crown is less than 2000 Euros ($2,400) – that’s all labor and materials. I was quoted about three times this price by surgeon/dentist combos here in the Wasington DC area, so I decided to have the work done this Christmas when I go back to Germany. Even my dentist in the US confessed that the technology actually comes from Germany anyway. I cannot see any reason for the difference in cost except that the average annual salary of oral surgeons in the US is about 3 times that of German ones although our cost of living is equivalent (particularly in Hamburg, where I am from and where I obtained my figures for this comparison)

  14. Michelle says:

    I payed $1100 per abutment for 3 implants equaling $3300 which was more than the crown on each implant. Cigna, my insurance carrier covers the crowns ($771 each) but not the abutments. I think the dentist went above and beyond the price of the abutments to cover the lower price of the crowns. Any feedback?

  15. anon says:–do you have reps that can help out new people–no. Do you have a return policy or failure replacement policy ? Although the service is nice, a medical device company should have representative coverage. Look at what is done in Italy, they sell milling machines for personal use there, so you can literally make your own implant. Is that good practice ? However, I’m a little upset that, for what the implants company’s revenues and profits are, they should be contributing to more R and D in implants. Why is it the dental field seems to lag far behind its medical cohort in innovation and modernization. Take the dental digital and now conebeam (CT) boom taking place. Way behind the medical development.

  16. Becky says:

    This is my first attempt at trying to compare prices. I am in need of 4 implants. My dentist quoted me $5000. for each. I have a consolt set up with a person of his choice. This cost is far more than my car I finally have payed off. I live in Washington state.

  17. Mabel Lake Murray, EdD says:

    I would like a description of the qualifications and responsibilities of an implant representative.

  18. desperate for an honest dentist says:

    Alright. Very happy I found this blog regarding the implant process. Why is it such an expensive process? Over the past 5 years I have been to 3 dentists in the states and 1 in southeast Asia just to fix 1 broken tooth and each time I went to a dentist I swear I felt like they were second rate dentists with a nice office who just wanted to get into your pocketbook.

    Already between all 4 dentists I’ve spent well over $5,000.00 and still wear a flipper. I had the extraction done here in the states, the implant in a foreign country, and I am now about to get the abutment done in a week. Problem with this is that like the previous 4, this 5th dentist promissed completion of the work within 3 wks. since all that is needed is the abutment and now into the last week, he springs an “Oh sorry! The procedure is gonna cost an extra $500.” The cost is not an issue but no one likes surprise costs. I feel robbed once again and backed into a corner. I think I will go forward with the procedure as I want to get it done, but is $2,000 just for the abutment an honest cost? Please help!


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