Dental Implants and airport security checkpoints: any concerns?

Should we have any concern about our implant patient going through security checkpoints at the airport? Will dental implants set off security alarms?  Has this ever happened to any of your patients?  Our patient is going to be traveling and has dental implants.  Do you have a sample letter we could personalize for her to take for airport security?  Or are we overreacting?  We need to respond to this patient.

6 thoughts on “Dental Implants and airport security checkpoints: any concerns?

  1. CRS says:

    I have never heard of it. To reassure your patient give him a small laminated copy of the periapical xray with your business card on the back. That way when he wants to show off his beautiful implants you’re name will be there! In the olden days patients with hip replacement prothesis were given an xray! Hard to carry! Or you could call the TSA folks for advice. Interesting question!

  2. Dr SenGupta says:

    Great question.
    I practice in the islands and my patients fly in all the time.
    At security my small belt buckle sets the buzzer off!
    How come my patients with 12 implants and abutments with metal frames do nothing?
    Implants are the size of bullets..! and titanium with a non precious or precious metal frame which is sometimes huge??
    I dont get it ….

  3. ANDREI S says:

    I know that at the airport there is no problem with the implants. But i have a question, do you know if the pacients with dental implants are alowed to take MRI? Thank you.


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