Dental Implants and Buyers Remorse

No matter how carefully we discuss the dental implant procedure with a patient, sometimes a patient has “buyers remorse” after the surgery.

Incidentally, plastic surgeons deal with this situation alot and they minimize the resulting financial problems by having the patient prepay for the treatment.

We also have alot of dental implant cases prepaid and I am very certain that there are offices that only do prepayment for dental implant cases. However, most of the world and most dental practices do not and simply cannot operate in this way. What steps can be taken to help prevent “buyers remorse” and regret for having a dental implant procedure done? How can a practice minimize its financial risk from the surgery? There must be more that can be done aside from just informed consent. Any tips?

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2 thoughts on “Dental Implants and Buyers Remorse

  1. One approach is related to informed consent, but it is more than that. Given a length of time from the initial consultation to surgery provides some relief from “buyer’s remorse”. We also as a routine have multiple consultations before surgery. I believe the more you educate the patient and the more opportunities and time for the patient to do his/her homework, the less chance or less degree this “buyer’s remorse” could happen. Reviewing the written consent form with the patient early on and then again just before surgery would help too.

  2. just being totally up front by letting the patient know what to expect. evaluate the patient psychologically and not over selling or over exagerating the possible outcome. let them know as many negatives to having the treatment as possible. if they still want to go ahead with treatment, but you think they may turn into a big headache do not treat the patient. take time at the beginning to get to know the patient and establish repore. i personally would not deliver the final prosthesis be it a full arch bridge or a single tooth until the patient has paid in full.

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