Dental Implants: Temporary Abutment Cylinder

Last Updated December 13, 2005

I have started to make my temporary crowns directly on the temporary abutment cylinder, especially for immediate loading dental implant cases.

This is essentially the same technique as the ‘shrink-on’ temporary crown technique used on natural teeth. The advantage is that it eliminates the need for taking the temporary crown on and off and eliminates the need for cement retention. I block out the temporary abutment screw channel with wax so when the dental implant patient returns I just cut through the acrylic to the wax and unscrew the temporary abutment and crown.

However, I am having two problems when this technique in dental implant cases. One problem is that the acrylic gets hot when it sets and dental implant patients´ have complained of a burning sensation. The other problem is being careful when I trim the acrylic with a finishing bur (7901) not to lacerate the gingival or grind the dental implant. Anybody have any recommendations for an acrylic that does not get too hot when it sets? How to trim the temporary crown?

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