Do Mini Implants Prevent Bone Loss?

Deana, a patient, asks us:
I have seen 4 different dentists and oral surgeons about repairing my teeth. It has been determined that I do need to get implant-supported dentures, but I would was given two different treatment plans.

One plan contemplates the insertion of regular dental implants, while the other plan proposes to use a mini dental system. Since I am relatively young for full dentures, I am 48, I am concerned about bone loss in my face as time goes on. Do the mini dental implants help to prevent bone loss, or are they just to keep the dentures secure? Is there really any benefit of mini implants over regular implants in this case? I would appreciate your feedback as I have researched the topic, but could not find enough information available in order to make a good decision.

4 thoughts on “Do Mini Implants Prevent Bone Loss?

  1. Alejandro Berg says:

    Since you are so young you should try a fixed prosthesis and not a denture.
    In relation to your question, yes they stabilize bone like any other implant but I dont really know if there are really long term studys of MDIs in that particular category.

  2. Beverly Schilz says:

    I have just been informed by the dentist that I have bone loss as my bridge supported by two teeth has become loose. I think that this is periodontal problems..however I do brush and floss however my age is 70 ..I don’t want to lose these teeth as it would show when I smile..Is there anything reasonable priced to fix this?

  3. Dinh X. Bui says:

    Mini dental implant will help to prevent bone loss but not as good a job as the regular implant. Moreover, you can convert the implant support denture into the fix implant prosthesis later if you use the conventional regular implant. Thirdly, when using the mini implant, the hygiene on the narrow insertion hole on your denture is horrible since it is very hard to clean. You will find more general dentist working with mini dental implants than the specialist (periodontist or oral surgeon). People who use mini implant usually does not like grafting and grafting is the basic foundation of the good surgical practice. Please do not even think of mini implant in your case.

  4. Benjamin D. Oppenheimer D.D.S. says:

    Mini Dental Implants offer a fast and inexpensive solution to both fixed and removable dental prosthetics. Most dentists do not have personal experience with the MDIs and don’t offer them or even worse demonize them. The truth is that thousands of parctitioners and I imagine hundreds of thousands of patients are reaping the benefits of Mini Dental Implants.

    I have seen MDIs stabilize and support bone in studies for over 20 years (Victor I. Sendax). If you want to stop bone loss then eliminate periodontal disease (stop smoking, control diabetes…elimiate perio causing bacteria). Please don’t think that your bone loss will stop by adding dental implants! Find a dentist that you trust, spends time with you, and supports what he/she does. An experienced MDI dentist will most likely be able to take care of your needs with less discomfort, at half the cost and in less than half of the time.

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