Accessory branch of inferior alveolar nerve: clinical significance?

This patient is planned for a dental implant in #46  site.  The CBCT scan shows a prominent accessory branch emerging from superior cortex of right inferior alveolar canal distal to #45.  Does this branch have any clinical significance during implant placement? 

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  1. Raul Mena says:

    That is not a branch of the alveolar nerve.
    The crown to root ration that was ingrained to us in dental school has lost its validity when it comes to dental Implants.
    Bicon and Quantum implants have thousands of successful cases with short implants.
    Clinically instead of bone loss we are observing bone growth.
    When I first started placing implants I always chose the longest size available.
    Right now I am convince that all that is needed is a 6mm implant.
    Of course I am sure that many will not agree, and that is fine, I am offering my clinical experience.

  2. Richard Winter says:

    My comment is that this may or may not be a blood vessel but the bleeding can be stopped intra- operatively. My issue is that Your planned implant should be 1.5 mm from bicuspid to avoid a mesial cantilever. I would also suggest two implants splinted to decrease force factors on a terminal implant especially with short implant height. You can’t splint Bicons.

  3. DrG says:

    Cases like this are TROUBLE.

    Do yourself a favor either do a vertical ridge augmentation and fix the defect or tell the patient to do a partial denture.

    We don’t need to take risks like this. It’s ok to say no.

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