Endo treated root in the sinus: Precautions for implant?

Last Updated February 20, 2020

A 27 year old patient presented with excellent oral hygiene and wants an implant supported replacement for the upper right first molar. The tooth was extracted two years back somewhere else and the fresh radiograph shows a retained root (endodontically treated).

New Updated Photos on March 2, 2020:
The CBCT revealed the position of the root to be somewhat lateral compared with the planned implant position. The patient had no sinus symptoms and had already seen an ENT surgeon after he had been informed about the root’s proximity with the sinus. He was not willing to have a bridge and also was against the removal of the root since it had not bothered him all this time (probably because he wanted to escape an invasive surgery as of now). Keeping all these in mind a crestal sinus lift was done, membrane and graft placed respectively, and a mesially tilted 4.5mm wide and 8mm long implant (Dentium Superline 3) was placed and excellent primary stability was achieved. Please share your valuable thoughts.

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