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Extract and place 2 implants or retain and restore?

Last Updated January 26, 2020
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

I would like your opinion with regards the lower right 1st premolar (#44), would you extract or restore this tooth? The treatment plan involves full mouth rehabilitation (#16 RCT/crown, #15 crown, #12 extraction & immediate implant, #11 RCT, #24 1 implant fixture, #35 1 implant fixture, and LRQ 2 implant fixtures). Now, should I extract #44 and place 2 fixtures on 3 unit bridge or retain & restore #44 and place 2 fixtures on 2 unit bridge? Patient has been informed of guarded prognosis of #44 if retained & will need to replace with implant in future and this isn’t a problem. Do we preserve natural dentition for as long as possible, or extract to facilitate current treatment plan? What would you do? Many thanks
P.S. CBCT pending


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