Failed Megagen Implant for Overdenture with Locators: Thoughts?

Last Updated June 27, 2019
Reviewed By:  Dr. Peter Hunt

I placed 6 dental implants(4-upper, 2- lower) 12 weeks ago, Megagen 3.5x10mm implants. This was for an upper overdenture with bar on Locators and lower on Locators. I buried all the implants. However, during the second stage as I tried to uncover the implants and place healing abutments, I noticed all had integrated very well except UR4 – which came out straight away. After taking another CBCT scan, which showed buccal and palatal placed intact, I curetted the osteotomy site and placed a wider and longer implant than the first time(4×11.5mm). I noticed that the implant had good primary stability second time, but looking back I wish I had placed some graft around the implant neck as it shows some gap. Is this going to be an issue? Please see picture attached. Kindly advise.

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