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Failing implants after loading: Why is this Occurring?

Last Updated July 24, 2012

In December 2011, I placed 4 dental implants in the maxilla of a 60 year old healthy male patient. 3 implants were ITI bone levels and 1 was Blue Sky Bio tissue level. Below are the films. The implants appeared integrated. They were uncovered, healing abutments placed and later locator attachments were picked up in his provisional full coveraged denture. The implant in the 6 position showed signs of failure. The problem is that now the 3-4 position implant is also loosing bone, although it is asymptomatic. I removed the locators and asked the patient to use adhesive as needed till I can uncover the new implant. However I am quite concerned as to why this is occurring? (the denture fits well with decent occlusion). Any thoughts or comments are welcome.

(click images to enlarge)

![null][failing implants after loading: post insertion]( “failing implants after loading: post insertion”)]( insertion
![null][failing implants after loading: left side]( “failing implants after loading: left side”)]( side post insertion
![null][failing implants after loading: february]( “failing implants after loading: february”)]( prior to problems in feb 12
![null][failing implants after loading: april]( “failing implants after loading: april”)]( implant in april
![null][failing implants after loading: 3/4 position]( “failing implants after loading: 3/4 position”)]( implant in 3/4 position, note new implant in 7 spot

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