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First Immediate Provisionalization on an Anterior Implant: Recommendations?

Last Updated April 05, 2010

Dr. MT, a general dentist, asks:

I am going to be doing my first immediate provisionalization on an anterior implant. I have a couple of questions for the readers: Do the patients come from the oral surgeon with a healing cap on or the abutment already placed? Can I ask the oral surgeon to torque down the abutment? Normally, I do a custom provisional crown at second stage surgery if forming the tissue is necessary, so I am unfamiliar with the logistics for doing an immediate provisional. Also, my temporary crowns are cement retained. I would like to do this immediate provisional using screw retention. What is the best way to “lock” the material onto the abutment? Is it best to make the provisional crown in the mouth or out of the mouth? Any recommendations?

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