Fixation screws for graft: which size do you prefer?

Which size and length of fixation screw do you use most often for fixation of a buccal plate that fractured after ridge splitting or to stabilize a block graft?  Do you prefer for the screw tip to terminate within the cortical bone?  If the screw tip protrudes beyond the lingual cortical plate, is this a problem for the soft tissue?  Or would you prefer to leave some threads on the buccal and graft them?

Our Titanium Fixation Screw Kit is perfect for your membrane fixation, tenting, or block bone fixation needs.

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3 thoughts on “Fixation screws for graft: which size do you prefer?

  1. When fixation screws are not possible two layers of barrier membrane is appropriate.
    Dennis Flanagan DDS MSc

  2. Just take a diamond bur and cut them off on the lingual. They aren’t always a problem such as on the palate where the tissue is thick, but even there they can be a problem as an irritant.

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