Flying after Implant Surgery?

Dr. H. asks:
I have a new patient who travels a lot by plane. I have treatment planned him for sinus lifts, bone grafts and implant installation. How long after his surgery can he fly? What kind of timeline should I give him so we can plan out his surgery and his travel plans? I have not been able to find any guidelines in the literature or in my textbooks.

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4 thoughts on “Flying after Implant Surgery?

  1. I don’t know, but I would assume 2 weeks to one month. I’m curious to what the experts say on the forum and their logic.

  2. I have had alot of experience treating patients of medical tourism,and some of them have a few days for flying back home. I really noticed that if the patient does not have any kind of systemic problems and really takes care and if there is not any kind of procedure that involves any blood socket in two days and taking care, there is no problem to fly back home

  3. I believe the potential risk is of a sudden decompression event if you have had a sinus lift . I did a sinus lift course with several experts present and the consensus was one perhaps two weeks without flying might be recommended . No problem if no sinus involvement .

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