Foreign Object in Implant Site: Best Option?

Last Updated August 20, 2018
Reviewed By:  Dr. Gerald Rudick

I have a 63-year old female patient requesting implants to replace first and second upper right premolars ( 14, 15). 14 and 15 were extracted about 6 months ago and
periapical x-rays prior to the extractions reveal a radiopaque mass most probably sealer or extruded gutta-percha in the apical area of 14, with no obvious radiolucent lesion or pathosis in the immediate vicinity of the radiopaque mass. The radiopaque mass had not been removed with the extraction of 14. The location of the mass lies potentially in the path of the osteotomy preparation and implant insertion. Will this cause any problem for the implant insertion in the 14 area? Which of these is the best option: to surgically remove the mass prior to the implant surgery? Or, include the mass in the bone osteotomy site with the hope that it will be removed? Or, choose an osteotomy path that avoids the mass all together?

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