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Fracture on implant supported cantilever bridge: any thoughts?

Last Updated August 18, 2017
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

This is an implant supported cantilever bridge that was placed about 20 years ago. This is in the area #19-21 (21 is the cantilevered pontic). The patient’s chief complaint was a loose bridge. The first PA shows the bridge 3 days before the rest of it fractured. I’m not sure why the cantilever was used here instead of an implant in #21 site as there is ample bone. What is this type of fixture called with no identifiable threads internally? Were the abutments in fact cemented into the implant? I’m debating whether to attempt removal of the broken pieces and attempt to restore the existing implants along with an adding an implant in the #21 site. If so should I look for replacement components or create custom cast posts and treat it like crown and bridge? Otherwise I will consider implant removal and start with a clean slate. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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