GBR, Lateral Ridge Augmentation, Implant-assisted removable partial denture

Here are three more studies we thought would be of interest to readers this month:

  • Guided bone regeneration with rhBMP9

    Both BioOss (BO) and BioGide(BG) positively induced bone formation with rhBMP9 in an experimental rabbit GBR model when compared to BO + BG alone. This study revealed that BG-loaded with rhBMP9 promoted better wound closure when compared to BO-loaded with rhBMP9. GBR procedures with growth factors may thus benefit from loading rhBMP9 onto BG-collagen barrier membranes when compared to BO-bone grafting particles.1

  • Lateral ridge augmentation with Bio-Oss alone or Bio-Oss mixed with particulate autogenous bone graft

    Within the limitations of this systematic review, lateral ridge augmentation with Bio-Oss alone or in combination with autogenous bone graft seems to induce newly formed bone and increase the width of the alveolar process, with high short-term implant survival.2

  • Finite element analysis of implant-assisted removable partial dentures

    Connecting an acrylic resin base to both a metal framework and a rigidly fixed implant may affect the rotational displacement of the prosthesis during loading…The purpose of this finite element analysis study was to analyze the effect of connecting a denture base metal framework to an implant with the aim of decreasing the rotational movement of an implant-assisted removable partial denture…The distal occlusal rest direct retainer is stiffer than the mesial design and undergoes approximately 66% less deformation. The modified denture base framework with an I-bar and distal occlusal rest design provides more effective support to the acrylic resin structure.3

1.Guided bone regeneration with recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein 9 loaded on either deproteinized bovine bone mineral or a collagen barrier membrane. Saulacic N, et al.
2.Lateral ridge augmentation with Bio-Oss alone or Bio-Oss mixed with particulate autogenous bone graft: a systematic review. Aludden HC, et al.
3.Finite element analysis of implant-assisted removable partial dentures Shahmiri R, et al.

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