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GBR or is the bony defect too great?

Last Updated July 03, 2019
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

This patient presented approximately 10 weeks ago with a debonded post core crown #11 [maxillary left canine; 23]. The root had suffered a fracture on the buccal aspect and the prognosis was hopeless. We decided to extract the fractured root after discussing the alternative options for the resultant space. The buccal plate fractured during removal with periotomes and as the patient was not definite on an implant we could not justify GBR [Guided Bone Regeneration] at the time of extraction. The patient returned recently expressing an interest in placing an implant in #11 site. The CBVT scan shows a significant bony defect on the buccal aspect of the proposed site.

The patient has no significant medical history and is a non smoker. My initial thoughts are implant installation with simultaneous GBR. Is this a predictable treatment plan or is the bony defect too great? Would a block graft followed by delayed implant placement be a more suitable approach? The patient is not concerned by aesthetics. I feel comfortable with GBR but I would refer this case out if block grafting is needed.


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