Grafting and Dental Implantation in Patients With Jawbone Cavitation

What has been your experience with grafting and placement of dental implants in patients with jawbone cavitation? A recent study followed up on thirty-four partially edentulous patients who were found to have jawbone cavitation during dental implant surgeries.
The conclusion:

The overall cumulative 3-year implant survival rate was 98.1%. By carefully examining and managing the surgical bed, the current treatment modality was shown to yield a satisfactory outcome for restoration of edentulous ridge with underneath jawbone cavitation.

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1. Implant Dent. 2017 Feb;26(1) Grafting and Dental Implantation in Patients With Jawbone Cavitation: Case Series and 3-Year Follow-Up Chen YW et al.

2 thoughts on “Grafting and Dental Implantation in Patients With Jawbone Cavitation

  1. Dr Pieter Boshoff Max-Fac surgeon says:

    Jawbone cavitations are more common than one realizes. Fortunately they are relatively simple to treat as Dr Marincola et al point out. These lesions when encountered should not be ignored as they are the reason why implants ,for no apparent reason,fail and then succeed a few months later in the same location.


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