Hader Clip Techniques?

Dr. Robbins asks:

I am having some problems getting a mandibular overdenture to fit the bar.  The patient has 4 dental implants supporting a bar in his mandibular anterior region.  I cannot get the Hader clips to seat on the bar.

I have picked up the transfer copings off the bar in an impression in
the overdenture and given it to my lab.  The lab says the most accurate
way of mounting the Hader clips is to pick up the Hader clip in the
overdenture using acrylic.  I am a little leary of locking the acrylic
under the bar.
Does anybody have a good and reliable technique for this?

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  1. satish joshi says:

    if you are careful in blocking, locking of denture should not be a problem.
    But if you are really concerned about it, then your lab should be able to place clip in the denture on the model, if you take accurate impression and lab will fit the bar to analogs.
    you can use light cure resin also.

  2. Barry Franzen says:

    If all else has failed, in other words you cannot “cold cure” the clips into place think about this…

    Get some longer laboratory screws, and take an impression of the entire tissue surface encapsulating the bar. The lab screws will protrude through the denture and you will unscrew them as an “open tray technique”. Now, granted this will inevitably mess up your denture in 4 places where the screws protrude. Your lab can then reline the prosthesis directly to the bar. They will make a master cast with analogues and process directly. I would suggest the little brass housings the yellow Hader clips be used as a keeper in the acrylic. Your lab can heat process everything and “heal” the denture wounds! Again this is a last resort after setting them chairside has failed.

    Setting chairside requires blocking out the bar. I have been there with getting the bar “locked in” more than once. It makes for little sweat balls upon your forhead. If you cannot pop it out you have to resort to cutting through the acrylic and finding the screws. Not a fun day for anyone. Block out with some periphery wax or silicone impression material. 4 implants with a bar is a lot to block out.

    One last thought. Please make sure your bar is properly designed. Perhaps you have sections that are not parallel and have different paths of insertion. I realize this is like asking someone if there is any gas in it…but that is the first place to evaluate. Anyway good luck.

  3. Ira Dickerman, CDT says:

    When my lab designs an overdenture we always encourage the dr to place a cast framework over the bar. The Hader housings are cast as part of the overstructure. The advantage of this is the fact that when the clips need to be replaced they are snapped in to a metal housing, not acrylic and the denture can never break. We also cast Stern Era’s, and Preci Clix attachments with cast metal housings as part of the frame. This cannot be done with Locators due to the design of the plastic female.

  4. Mark Marinbach CDT says:

    If multiple Hader clips are being used on this case, there is no movement in the overdenture, therefor the laboratory should process the Hader clips and their housings into the denture in the laboratory. Another possible problem that might exist is if the laboratory did not cast the bar straight in the area where the clips should grab the bar. If there is a curve in this area, the clips will never stay in.

  5. Judy says:

    I live in Biloxi,
    Mississippi and can’t find any one here that does the hader clips. I had my implants done in Ohio. My clips need to be replaced I wish I could just take care of them my self.

  6. Glen Laymon says:

    I’m responding to a woman in Biloxi. I have had implants with Hader clips for several years now and they really got you over a barrel when it comes to replacing them. The doctor who did mine tryed to do them right but the lab didn’t make the bar square so they were out very fast. I even use the “red ones” and they still wear out fast. I was not aware of a federal regulation keeping you from purchasing them on your own. This is one big sham!!!!!!!! The Dentist pays like 20 bucks for six,yes 6 of them and they turn around and want 80 bucks for 3 of them plus shipping. I don’t mind paying twice or 100 percent mark up but the figure they quoted me was hiway robbery. They won’t let you buy them on your own without going thru a Dentist or a lab and that’s where they get you. If anyone reading this now and are concidering denture work I would not recommend this procedure. If the Dentist mentionds the word “Hader clips” run for your life. I can go thru 3 a month. I have tryed to have it fixed with no luck.

  7. Ken Clifford, DDS says:

    There’s a reason many of us call them “Hater” bars instead of “Hader”!!! I have only one patient with these antiques, and I didn’t place it. She hates it and so do I. I do pass on the red clips and retainers for her at no markup. She is suffering enough already, and eventually I’d like to get her into a fixed setup by adding mini implants to what she already has. Would have done it already except for financial issues – wish I could afford to do it for free.

  8. Joel Johnston says:

    You can use quick cure acrylic and just do one clip at a time blocking out with soft wax under the bar. It may take you a little longer, but you get a piece of mind.


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