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Hopeless/Non-Restorable #8

Last Updated June 10, 2019

The following case is a 72 y/o male referred to me for extraction/implant #8 which the referring dentist deemed as non-restorable. After evaluation, I determined that adequate tooth structure remained to at least consider salvaging his “biologic implant”. Treatment consisted of crown lengthening #8, at which time I rough prepped a margin and established the final alveolar crest 2-3mm apical to the margin maintaining 2mm of tooth structure for ferrule. Forgive me as I am a periodontist and I was responsible for referring the case back for final restoration. I sent the patient to an endodontist for RCT though in hindsight the tooth could have possible been fine without endo as it was asymptomatic though the quality endo provides great insurance. While I do not have a final photo of the restoration, completed by the referring doc, I think it is apparent that this “non-restorable” tooth could be easily saved with traditional “Dentistry”!

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