How do you re-thread a dental implant?

I have a patient with a Noble Biocare external hex implant fixture. The abutment screw looks fine, but I am unable to screw it into the implant fixture. I have tried the screw in another implant fixture and it works great. I think the implant might be cross threaded. How do you re-thread the implant?  Is there a special tool for this and if so, where do I obtain this?

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5 thoughts on “How do you re-thread a dental implant?

  1. In most situations like this that I have seen, there was some debris in the threads that prevented the abutment screw from seating. Remember that the abutment screw is softer than the implant threads, and if a screw becomes loose, a piece of it can shear off.
    I’m sure you’ve taken an x-ray to check for anything visible.
    Blast the implant with high pressure water and air,
    try a soft micro brush inside he implant to see if you can dislodge anything.

    If it comes to re-tapping,
    Contact your nobel biocare rep, there is an implant specific screw tap.
    this is very technique sensitive, and the patient must know that their implant may need removal.
    I would practice on an analog before doing this in a patient. If its a posterior implant, it will be more difficult due to access and angles.
    good luck, consider referral if uncomfortable

  2. In this case you should use tapping instrument hss 2mm diameter 0.4 thread .
    Slowly rotate it clock & clockwise using also olive oil during tapping .then rinse the implant inside by water and air, then try the screw .

    Good luck
    Dr. M.Ali Sawas

  3. Just to be sure, you did take a PA to make sure there isn’t a fractured
    screw segment still stuck inside the implant? What was the reason the
    abutment is being replaced at this time?

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