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Immediate Implant Placement Into Infected Sockets?

Last Updated October 10, 2016
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

What are the long-term outcomes of immediate loading of dental implants immediately placed into infected sites? A recent study 1 aimed to tackle this very question.

The study concluded:

Immediate loading of implants inserted into fresh and infected extraction sockets is not a risk factor for implant survival. However, stability of peri-implant soft and hard tissues indicates the need to take measures that minimize loss.

Thoughts on this? Anyone have specific cases they have done where an implant was placed in an infected site?

Read the Full Abstract Here

1. Journal of Periodontology October 2016, Vol. 87, No. 10, Pages 1135-1140 Long-Term Outcomes of Immediate Implant Placement Into Infected Sockets in Association With Immediate Loading: A Retrospective Cohort Study .Eduardo Anitua, et al.

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